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Free Retail Point of Sale Application

Standard POS is a point of sale application that offers a wide range of functionality, from handling payments and printing receipts to managing your store. With a focus on small business, the app has all the power and functionality necessary to help improve the efficiency of your retail shop.

Finding the right POS system for your business can be overwhelming, but when you install our free Standard POS app, you will be up and running on a secure system in minutes. Powerful and easy to use, Standard POS allows you to integrate with existing hardware such as your receipt printer.

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Intuitive POS Screen

Easily capture all sales from a user-friendly POS interface

Choose your favourite Hardware

Use a computer, tablet or dedicated POS hardware
Quotation Tracking
jQuery UI Accordion - Default functionality
Benefits of Choosing Standard POS

Use for Free

Standard POS is a free point of sale app for small businesses.

With the functionality available in Standard POS, you can easily handle payments, print out receipts, create items or contacts, and receive unique insights for your business using standard reports - all without the limitations of a trial period.

Enjoy Mobility

Use your tablet or third-party POS hardware to register sales and run all aspects of your retail business, while easily navigating the customizable interface designed for a productive and easy user experience.

Move away from the cash register and roam the shop floor while helping customers or viewing reports. Standard POS facilitates freedom of movement for the smaller retailer.

Expand Functionality

Start using our Standard POS App immediately and for free. Standard POS offers a wide range of InApps in the Marketplace, such as handling payments and printing out receipts. You can scale up by adding more InApps if you require additional functionality. Inventory management, price-lists or even integrated accounting InApps can help you automate tasks and ensure accuracy. The more information you have in your system, the easier it will be to track what's going on in your store.

Consistency and Commitment

All of our products are designed to provide a consistent experience throughout the entire system.

Our primary focus is developing powerful business software. We are committed to providing the best products for your business and delivering the latest updates with ease.

Our extensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality has been developed by our international software house and is available to all small businesses through Standard POS.

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