Standard Projects

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Standard Projects
Standard Projects is the ideal invoicing solution for companies carrying out work where time and materials are used.

Feature list
  • Quotations
  • Detailed budgeting to item level, including quantities and sales and cost prices
  • Time sheets to record work done and materials used
  • Invoicing based on budget or on work done, with deposits if required
  • User-definable stationery
  • Tax handling
  • Customer Statements and Receivables List

Design your own invoices and give them a special touch with your company logo. Besides that, you can customize all other documents that Standard Projects prints out for you.

Standard Projects is a part of the award-winning Enterprise family of solutions from HansaWorld.

You can upgrade and keep your data to get:

  • Multiple companies
  • Multi-user environment
  • Integrated CRM
  • Clients for Windows and Linux
  • Mobile access for reporting and key roles for iPhone and iPad
  • Verticals including: POS, Job Costing, Restaurant and Hotel

Accounts Receivables

Receivables is a module which will help you manage your sales in a more efficient way.

When subscribing to Accounts Receivable module you get a Receipts register, which will allow you to enter payments from your customers. New statistics reports will tell you which items are your best sellers and who your best customers are. New settings such as Units, Customer Categories and Contact Classifications will allow managing your items and contacts in a more detailed way.

Accounts Receivable module also adds two technical registers in the System module: forms and styles, thanks to which you can personalize your documents by changing the forms design or even adding your own logo.

  • Manage your Customers details and all sales data
  • Follow up on open invoices to better manage Cash flow
  • Receive payments of different types from your customers
  • Run a comprehensive set of reports to get full visibility of your sales
  • Personalize your documents to fit the need of your business and customers

  • Receipt Journal
  • Receipts Forecast
  • Periodic Customer Statement
  • Accounts Receivable


The Price List In-App allows you to link different price lists and prices specific to each customer.

Once a customer has been linked to a price list, the system will automatically use those prices when adding items to Quotations, Orders & Invoices etc. Each item can have several different prices connected to several different price lists.

  • Connect customers to different price lists
  • Setup different pricing strategies for your customers

  • Prices
  • Price Lists

  • Price List


    The Multi-currency In-App allows customers and vendors to be linked to different currencies. You will be able to issue invoices and to receive vendor invoices in those currencies. Reports such as the Accounts Receivables can then operate in your base currency as well as in any foreign currency.

    If you have subscribed Multi-Currency In-App in a Base Package, you can find Currencies and Exchange Rates registers in system module. You will also find Currency fields on Invoice and Contact records and new report Exchange Rates in Reports list. If you subscribe Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Quotations, Sales or Purchase Orders, you can use different currencies in all those modules. For example, you can create sales invoices and register vendor invoices in United States Dollars. If you specified currency on the contact record and filled in Exchange rate, items will be pasted to the invoice in foreign currency.

    • Create invoices in different currencies
    • Register vendor invoices in different currencies
    • Track currency fluctuations
    • Run reports in different currencies

    • Currencies
    • Exchange Rates

    • Exchange Rates

    Purchase Orders

    Take even more control of your inventory by keeping track of your orders to your vendors too.. Evaluate what is coming in and when. Clearly see the outstanding totals of all orders.

    After purchasing the Accounts Payable you will have access to the 'Module' selection from the main menu where you can access the Accounts Payable.

    • Create clear, professional looking orders to vendors
    • Get up-to-date reporting of outstanding purchase orders
    • Track purchase tax, if needed
    • Have delivery address and invoice address separate

    • Purchase Orders

    • Deficiency List
    • Outstanding Purchase Orders
    • Purchase Order Journal

    • Purchase Orders

    • Vendor Categories

    Account Payables

    Accounts Payable is the main tool for creating payables and making payments to your vendors. It also includes a variety of reports which you can use to track the status of your payables and balances towards the vendors.

    After purchasing the Accounts Payable you will have access to the 'Module' selection from the main menu where you can access the Accounts Payable.

    • Payables
    • Payments
    • Contacts

    • Payment Journal
    • Payment Forecast
    • Periodic Vendor Statement
    • Payble Journal<